Issue 11/ 2011

Hello again, hope you are well and enjoying life. As you can see this is our 11th newsletter, rather fitting in this 11th year of the century, which, is almost over and nearly Christmas once again! It really has gone so quickly, I think that someone has turned the world up to full throttle. The theme this time is –


In this day and age when prices are soaring and many ‘happenings’ around the world, some good, some bad, where do we look for something special in our lives to keep us happy? Just sit for a while and contemplate. Is it true that ‘the best things in life are free’? We may think ‘what is the world coming to’? – But, didn’t our grandmothers say the same thing when they were our age and we wondered ‘what on earth are they talking about’!! So what really has changed? …nothing…. things just seem to have gone in cycles throughout history. So what can we get for ‘free’ nowadays? In South Africa we are extremely lucky and fortunate to have a wonderful climate, which is ‘free’, the sunshine doesn’t cost us anything it is ‘free. Look around at our beautiful scenery, none of us have to venture very far to find a beautiful ‘free’ view, the sea, the mountains, the trees, the parks and even our own gardens. If we only have a window box to care for it can be blooming with flowers that give pleasure each day. We all breathe the same air – it is ‘free’ – thank goodness or we wouldn’t be aroundJ Friends, one of the most things dearest to us and they are ‘free’, the best thing about friends is that we can choose them, for ‘free’. We can have one best friend or we can have many, it is our choice which is ‘free’. We all have our own beliefs, we can choose what we want to believe and it is ‘free’. Our thoughts and soul, the very core of our being, they are ‘free’. The beautiful rainbows full of colour are ‘free’, we can heal ourselves through colours which are ‘free. Many of us, apart from exercising with SASFA love to walk, walking is ‘free. We must look at our lives as we get older, some of us find it very hard to find something positive, but look around ‘the best things in life really are free. Even our aches and pains, which may come at a price are ‘free’ initially, which may sound like a contradiction, we don’t ask for them they just appear – for ‘freeJ Hardly one of ‘the best things in life that are free’ you must be thinking, but at least they give us something to think about even if it is how to get rid of themJ Children – hardly ‘free’ in the long run, but also initially they are given to us for ‘free’, one of God’s wonderful gifts. The love we have for our children is given ‘freely’, love and understanding costs us nothing they are ‘free’, ours to give and love is really one of ‘the best things in life that is free’. One could go on and on, I wonder how many other things you can think of that are ‘free’ and really one of ‘the best things in YOUR life that are free’.

Val Coetzee from Brakpan, Gauteng, wrote this letter.

This is what Val has to say-

It is with gratefulness and pride that I write to share with you my experience with SASFA. Early in 1991 whilst still permanently employed I had three strokes and lost a full month of my life. My husband and I went to stay in Alan Woodrow Home for the Aged in Boksburg, where, thanks to the Senior Nursing Staff Sister I met up with Hubert de Vaal and Trimgym / SASFA, the best that could ever have happened. Through their exercises and encouragement I also met Dawn Saunders. Some of the highlights we took part in was a big Saturday do at Pretoria University, ‘Got to Getup’ at Edenvale, Kempton Park and ‘shows’ at Strelitzia, Boksburg and Alan Woodrow. I will certainly never forget about SASFA going to Stellenbosch by train. There were +/- 500 seniors who proudly took part in exercise displays in the University Gymnasium. On the Saturday morning we marched through the main road in Stellenbosch proudly wearing our SASFA track suits – what an experience! For a short period I was unable to attend regularly, but SASFA then started at Alan Woodrow in Brakpan where I again could partake. They also started classes at Cosmos Old Age Home where my late husband could attend in the hall and when not able to they kindly assisted him in the ward. In January 2006 I became a resident in Gold Reef Village in Barkpan. In March that year I had a brain tumour operation and whilst still muddled and wobbly, a couple of months later, thanks goodness SASFA pitched up again!! June Sharples from SASFA Rynfield Park, Benoni came and gave a talk and put on a show which drew residents’ attention to the need of exercise, especially in a group. With extreme keenness and need for this we managed to get SASFA under Dawn’s wonderful patience and guidance to come here. We have a group of +/- 12 regulars at a weekly get-together. The most senior is 91 ½ years old and still going strong. Watching the determination and joy is most encouraging – our seriousness works overtime, but the laughs cover the aches and next week we are all there again ready to go on once again. Despite illness, aches and pains at the ripe old age of 76 I am still going strong thanks to SASFA. Thank you very much SASFA, please continue doing the wonderful good you do. God bless you all.

This letter is from Estelle Sargeant, Parkdene, Boksburg, Gauteng.

Estelle writes –

I joined SASFA in Edenvale with Ann Kypuros when I was 58 years old.Went to Oudtshoorn Festival, took part and had lots of fun. Went to Paarl Festival in Stellenbosch. A special train left Johannesburg Station with 500 SASFA ladies to take part. Had a wonderful journey down. Did a lot of demonstrations at Retirement Villages. Took part on television for a year or so, doing gym in ‘Golden Years’. Moved to Boksburg, joined SASFA with Dawn Saunders at Strelitzia Service Centre – just turned 77 years old (19 years and still going strong thanks to SASFA)

These two ladies have wonderful memories of their years in SASFA

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