Issue 13/2013

Hello Everyone, here we are again and I hope – as happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company! That is what SASFA does for us, we make friends, we become a special group, who enjoy each other’s company. Meeting once or twice a week and as the years go by we become closer to our group of fellow ‘exercisers’. We become closer to some than others, but still we know everyone in the class – but do they know you? Do they know the ‘real’ you? Which brings me to the theme of this newsletter which is:-


Are you portraying the real you on the ‘outside’, is it a true reflection of the real you on the ‘inside’? You may like a person by what you see on the ‘outside’, but do you really know what they are like on the ‘inside’? When you like or dislike someone, is it what is coming through from the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’ that makes you like or dislike them? Does it matter what is on the ‘inside’ when we can only see the ‘outside’? If we put something on ‘inside out’ why does it look wrong! Why is it that we always want to look ‘inside’? It is always nice to see what is ‘inside’ someone’s house once we have seen it from the ‘outside’. From the ‘outside’ it may not look attractive, but once we go ‘inside’ it is lovely and sometimes, visa versa. The same applies to us, what people see on the ‘outside’ doesn’t always reflect what is on the ‘inside’. We are the only ones who really know what goes on ‘inside’ us, only we know our true thoughts and how we feel. Some people have no depth, only surface; ‘inside’ they don’t care about anyone, only themselves! Sometimes someone will do something that really surprises you and is really out of character for them, is that their true ‘inside’ coming out? If we are sick we cannot see what is causing the problem until tests show the ‘inside’. We always say that no one knows what goes on ‘inside’ four walls. It is the same with us, no one really knows what is going on ‘inside’. As humans we are not always satisfied with ourselves, we complain about our weight, our looks, we are never happy, but it is what is on the ‘inside’ that counts. Some people who are intuitive will pick up from a person’s vibrations and know that they are in turmoil ‘inside’ or that they are sick. Many of us try to hide our true feelings and what is going on ‘inside’, we often are afraid to speak out, bottling it up ‘inside’, swallowing it instead, giving us stomach trouble. If you are bitter and twisted ‘inside’, then this will also affect your health and show to others on the ‘outside’, even though we do not think that it does. Sit quietly for a few minutes every day, listen to your breathing and relax, think pleasant thoughts, think about what you can be thankful for, if you are at peace within yourself this will radiate from the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’. Soon everyone will see what a beautiful person you are, both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. Listen to that ‘inner’ voice, it is there for a reason!

Fond Memories

We remember, in tribute and in sorrow, two SASFA Instructors who have ‘gone home’ this year. HONOR RORVIK and MARGARET DAVIDSON

These two lovely ladies will be sorely missed by SASFA and especially their fellow seniors in KZN. We send our love and condolences to you all.

Many of you will have lost loved ones this year and our thoughts and love are also with you.

In the memories they left, their spirit still shines bright’.

2013 has been a ‘NOUGHTFUL’ year for the SASFA Management Committee.

Edwina turned 50, Helga 60, Carol 70 and Pat 80 – how about that!

2013 Star Attractions

Committee member Sally, sold 90 recipe books. Sally also raised R1530 on the cake sale she organized at the Gauteng Fashion Show. Helga Calitz, also a Committee member, made Christmas cards, donated prizes and made up all the Gauteng raffles. Well done Sally and Helga you really are our special stars for 2013.
Above: The Committee doing Lepelle at the Gauteng Fashion show L to R Helga, Sally, Edwina, Carol and Iona – all ready for bed!



Is Jess Crewe-Brown our oldest member?

Jess who turned 102 on the 19th May only retired at the age of 90. Jess attends Wynne Joffe’s gentle gym classes twice a week. Jess says ‘if it were not for the support of my family, I would have never grown this old. With the right support and motivation anything can be accomplished’! Another Centenarian is Charlotte Duncan who turned 101 on the 30th May; Charlotte also attends Wynne’s classes.

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Deep at the centre of our being

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