Issue 14/2015

Hello Everyone,

Hope that this newsletter finds you all well and in good spirits. 2015 has been really a time of turmoil, both on earth and in the sky. Above us there have been blue moons, super moons, blood moons, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, planets in retrograde, Mars close to the moon, planets in alignment. Down on earth we have, wars, migration, millions dying through natural disasters, odd weather patterns, people suffering, not to mention what is happening in our own little piece of this planet earth. I suppose at our age we have seen it all before, but even so it is all rather daunting. Having said all that we are really privileged to live in such a beautiful country, with our wonderful climate, but the unfortunate people on this planet really need us to send them lots of LOVE AND LIGHT which is the theme for this newsletter.


Often when I sign off a letter I will write ‘sending you lots of LOVE AND LIGHT, but what does it really mean when one puts these two powerful words together. People interpret ‘LOVE AND LIGHT’ in different ways. First of all let’s look at the word LOVE. We all have a different concept of LOVE. LOVE is a beautiful feeling we have all experienced, we can LOVE someone and also be ‘IN LOVE’ with someone which is completely different. Once we are deeply ‘IN LOVE’ no matter what happens you cannot break that bond. You may not like them and think you don’t LOVE them anymore, but when something happens to that person, then your emotions step in and you realize that you still LOVE them. We show our LOVE with words and deeds, we LOVE friends, LOVE food, LOVE books, LOVE animals. We LOVE unconditionally and when we lose someone we LOVE dearly it is the LOVE we have for that person that sees us through the difficult time. LOVE keeps you surrounded with LIGHT. Now let us look at the word LIGHT. We cannot live without LIGHT, we all know what it is like to experience load shedding, especially when the LIGHTS go off when you are not expecting itJ If you are healthy your body feels LIGHT, if you are sick your body is heavy and weighs you down. We all have LIGHT within us, we are full of LIGHT. That special feeling we get when we listen to our favourite music, see something beautiful, or see our grandchildren, fills us with LIGHT, we feel wonderful. Imagine surrounding yourself with a beam of white LIGHT for protection and also surround friends, family, even property with a white LIGHT to protect them. Try it, it is amazing and really does work. When I send LOVE AND LIGHT it is sent with compassion. So then how do I interpret LOVE AND LIGHT? The LOVE I send to you as a person and the LIGHT, I send to your soul. Your soul is the very essence of your being, it is who you really are, it is LIGHT energy, that little piece of God within you. The words ‘heart and soul’ are often used together, we LOVE with our heart and we use the LIGHT in our soul when we pray or meditate, so LOVE with all your heart and shine in the LIGHT of your soul. Of course you may think differently from me entirely and have your own views – so how would you interpret LOVE AND LIGHT?

Many of you will have lost loved ones during 2015 and this time of year is never easy. Your SASFA family will remember you and send you all lots of LOVE and LIGHT this festive season and in the year to come. Merry Christmas Everyone. Sending you all lots of LOVE and LIGHT

– Dot