Issue 15/2016

Hello Everyone,

I think that I must be getting old as this year I had to think long and hard about a theme for this edition of the newsletterJ I think we forget that we are getting older each year and still think we are 21, until our brain sometimes tells us otherwise. One thing SASFA does for us, as well as keeping our bodies fit and healthy, it gives us brain aerobics too. Well, at last my brain did begin to work and with a little help from the Universe came up with an answer :-


Healing is to restore something back to its original state, healing can be physical, mental, kindness, words, touch, even a smile can help to heal someone. I am a great believer in self healing so I thought that I would share a few methods with you that I find helpful. There are many different ways to self heal and prevent simple aliments, far too many to put in this newsletter. Positive thoughts will benefit your health and heal whereas negative thoughts do the opposite. Listening to music is healing especially when it induces good memories. Calming music helps us relax which heals. A good laugh with friends is a great healer. Forgiveness is a healing, when we have been hurt by someone, the hurt goes to the very core of our being, we can think of nothing else until we are able to forgive, then our healing process starts. When you are in the company of someone who drains your energy or is sick, surround yourself with a white healing light for protection, it will create a barrier and stop you picking up the negative energy. The easiest way to do this is to start at the feet and bring the white light all the way up to the top of the head, a bit like pulling on a piece of clothing. When you are feeling low and you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, your aura needs healing, make 2 circles using the tips of the thumb and forefinger and intertwine (like a figure of 8), hold for a few minutes. Our hands are the best form of healing, what is the first thing we do when we hurt ourselves – we put our hand on it, it is a natural reaction, but in actual fact it is a healing action. When we pray we put our hands together, that is healing. Want to relax – lie down and place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on the solar plexus (just above the naval). Need a recharge – give yourself a hug, left hand on right shoulder right hand on left shoulder. Got a headache – place the right hand on the forehead and left hand at the base of the skull. We can heal using colours, we all love a beautiful healing rainbow, and the colours of the rainbow are the same colours as our aura and chakras. I have kept this next healing simple using ‘position’ instead of ‘chakra’. Place your right hand on top of the left hand for each position, except the 7th where you place the hands separately either side of the crown. Think and breathe the colour of the position for 2 to 3 minutes before moving the hands up to the next position. The 1st position is red, the pubic area, the 2nd orange, just below the navel, 3rd yellow, just above the naval, 4th green, middle of the chest, 5th blue, the throat, 6th indigo, between the eyebrows and the 7th violet, on top of the head. For a healing meditation lie down, relax, close your eyes, and imagine you are walking into a large field full of red flowers, walk slowly through the field into another field full of orange flowers, carry on doing this through fields of yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet then into a golden light – if you haven’t already fallen asleepJ I couldn’t write about self healing without mentioning the Jin Shin Jyutsu jump leads. This is a very effective healing by simply holding the fingers individually. Hold the thumb – it heals the stomach and worry, hold the first finger for bladder and kidneys, middle finger for liver, gall bladder and anger, ring finger for lungs, large intestines and grief, the little finger for the heart and small intestines. Place the tips of the fingers from one hand into the palm of the other hand for mind, body and spirit and general well being. These positions can be held for a few minutes or even longer. Breathing is healing, take deep breaths in and out 9 times. SASFA is healing! Listen to your inner voice when doing any self healing it usually tells you when your body has had enoughJ I hope that some of these suggestions will be beneficial to you; the secret is to find a self healing that suits you and that you are comfortable with.

A healing letter received from Veronica Joubert in George.

Dear Dot,

As I was reading your newsletter about love and light, I could not resist to post you an email. I would like to acknowledge my instructor Dolores van Tonder down south in George. She most definitely shines out the light and love you are talking about. I joined SASFA a year ago and could not have done better. I was warmly and heartily welcomed by Dolores and I immediately felt at home. She is passionate about what she is doing and so caring and genuinely sincere. Her vibrancy and energy is absolutely contagious. She is always concerned if someone does not feel too good or not so well. I enjoy her enthusiasm and interaction between the members while exercising. I’m always looking forward to our next exercise session. Thank you Dolores and thank you SASFA.

Thank you Veronica for your letter which is also appropriate for this healing newsletter.


This is healing in action the SASFA Committee rocking and rolling at the Gauteng fashion show

Hazel, 87 and Sheila 90 are sisters. These wonderful ladies knit articles such as bed socks, scarves and fingerless mittens as well as renovating cards. The ladies in the class are very supportive and all the proceeds from their sales go into a ‘charity fund’ from which they make donations, one of which was R1000 to Myrlea’s Challenge

Well done ladies your knitting is obviously healing to you both.

Hazel Atherton and Sheila Sussens are members of Maureen Lotter’s class in Germiston, Gauteng.

Well done to SASFA Treasurer Fiona Lister who took part recently in the SA Veterans Table Tennis Championships held in Pretoria winning a silver medal in the over 60 ladies singles and bronze in the ladies doubles and team event.

Belated birthday wishes to Iona Henning SASFA Chairperson who turned 70 on the 16th June this year.

Many of our members have been sick or had operations this year. We hope that you are now feeling much better and that 2017 will bring HEALING to you all.
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. -Caroline Myss

Sending you all lots of love, light and healing. Namaste,