Hello Everyone,

This morning I wrote up my attendance register for the new month and yes it is October already, one more month and we will all be finishing off for the Christmas break. I also was surprised to see that this is the 16th issue of Prime Time. Spring is here and it will soon be summer, time just marches on and we seem to have more and more things to do and not enough time to do them – or is it the fact that we are getting old and therefore it takes us longer to do things than it did 10 years ago. In my opinion time goes quickly because the earth’s vibrations have quickened up and I refuse to accept it is because I am getting olderJ Which brings me to the theme of this newsletter –


When we accept something, we are taking responsibility for it and believing in it. I wonder how many of you are like me and cannot accept the fact that you are getting old and find it hard to believe you are the age you are when you still feel like 21 on the inside. If we look back on our lives we have had to accept many things along the way, some good and some not so good. When we hit major hurdles we had to accept and work through them. We are never satisfied with our bodies or the way we look, but we have to accept that is who we are. Everything starts to ‘go’ as we age and we have to accept that fact. Lots of jokes go around about aging, most of us can relate to them and we laugh and accept them. Acceptance comes in all shapes and forms, we accept and welcome people into our home, into our family, often we do not want to accept something or someone and if we don’t, along comes guilt and misery. We find it hard to accept our faults, hard to accept criticism, cannot accept someone who may be better than we are. Acceptance of different cultures, races and religions is very hard for many people, but who are we to judge, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it is their right. If world leaders thought more about acceptance it would go a long way towards world peace. As parents we expected our children to accept our ideals and beliefs. Some people cannot accept the youth of today, but we have to remember and accept that they are a completely different generation, no different though to when we were young and the older generation could not accept us. If we look on the positive side of acceptance we can accept many things easily. We can accept many simple things like accepting a smile from someone by smiling back, accepting love and friendship, accepting a compliment, accepting a gift with gratitude, when you think about it acceptance is a gift as many people find it difficult to accept. Acceptance can be a form of healing, by accepting and then letting go, for example accept the people who have hurt you then let it go, accept illness and pain, then let it go, it is only then that you will start to heal. Can you accept people for who they are, acceptance is a little bit like communication, a two way thing, as we all expect to be accepted. You have accepted this newsletter by reading it, you may not agree and cannot accept what is written, but that is your right.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and I hope it is a Christmas that you can accept and enjoy with friends and family. For those of us who have lost loved ones and members of our SASFA family this year I hope that you can accept that ‘In the memories they left their spirit still shines bright’

Photos of acceptance: