Hello Everyone,

Yes, at last, another newsletter. I hope it finds you all well and enjoying what life has to offer. Sometimes life throws many things at us and we just have to get on with it, not easy when we are all getting older and these things appear just ‘out of the blue’. No one said life was going to be easy, so we carry on regardless I think the answer is to appreciate what we have, which is the theme of this newsletter –


We all appreciate many things, but do we ‘consciously’ appreciate them or just take them for granted? As we get older, I think we are probably more aware of what we appreciate, as sometimes we become ‘dependent’ on family and things, then we appreciate them more. We tend to appreciate only the good things in life, but we can also appreciate the bad. The bad things in life that we experience help us grow and become stronger and once they pass then we can appreciate them. Sometimes not nice at the time, but when one sits and reflects there is always a positive out of the negative that we can appreciate. We appreciate nature, friends, family, rain, you name it we can appreciate it. If you don’t appreciate something anymore then maybe it is time to throw it away or give it to someone who will appreciate it. We look back on our lives and appreciate the life we have had and the people who have been part of it. We appreciate what we have now, even though we may not be wealthy we can still appreciate that we have, a roof over our heads, a warm bed, food on the table. We appreciate the little things in our life, which could be big things in someone else’s life. As I am writing this newsletter, I am appreciating my lap top, I am typing this newsletter on, it is saving everything for me, so as to make my life a lot easier, but do I think about appreciating it – no! That is a bit like life, we do not appreciate the everyday things that are commonplace, many things that we think we couldn’t do without. We appreciate our cell phones, because ‘what would we do without them’, but years ago we managed without them, in those days we would appreciate a letter that came in the post. So, we all now appreciate this modern technology. I am sure that many of you like me appreciate your children and grandchildren for explaining to you how it all works We appreciate the ‘App’s we all use, sometimes not knowing what they are We all appreciate SASFA and what it does for us, keeping us fit and healthy whilst having lots of fun. It takes a special person to get out of bed every morning and go to your exercise class which you appreciate. We appreciate our Instructor, because if she wasn’t there to teach the class, where would we be? We appreciate the members of our class because over the years they have become good friends. You can all rest assured that your Instructor appreciates you as a member of her class. I also appreciate your Instructor who will receive this newsletter via email, email it to you and if you haven’t got an email address, she will print it out for you, then you will all show your appreciation. Just don’t ‘think’ you appreciate someone, show your appreciation, it might just make their day. We have said ‘goodbye’ to many members of SASFA since I wrote the last newsletter, I know that we appreciate having had them in our lives and will keep them in our hearts. To all of you who have been sick, I know that you will appreciate the healing that has taken place. I am including in this newsletter a letter of appreciation from one of my seniors, Mae Webber, how true it is!

I appreciated the following popping up on my Facebook page I call it ‘Angel Shopping’ and I always appreciate their help.

I truly appreciate kindness

I truly appreciate people checking up on me

I appreciate a quick message

I appreciate those who ask if I’m okay

I appreciate every single person in my life

I appreciate who has tried to brighten my days

It is the little things that matter the most Please visit and appreciate our website www.saseniorsfitness.co.za and our Facebook page.

I hope you will appreciate that space is limited in this newsletter so I can’t include all the photos and news that I would like.

In appreciation of SASFA Instructors: How many of us SASFA members take our Instructors for granted? When signing up as members we made an undertaking to attend classes on the agreed days and times. However, many of us who, without a second thought, have skipped classes for one reason or another or for no reason at all. Whether it’s a dentist or doctor’s appointment (quite understandable) or for reasons like its too cold or too hot or just because we don’t feel like exercising. Do we ever stop to consider our Instructors who through rain or shine are always expected to be there – and on time? Do we appreciate the fact that they give up their time for us? Lets give a thought to these dedicated ladies (themselves seniors like us) who, although they too have lives of their own, unselfishly share with us what they love to do. Thank you ladies, we salute you! Mae Weber.

With appreciation we said goodbye to SASFA Treasurer Fiona Lister. Fiona was appreciated by many of you as she would always go that extra mile. But the wheels keep turning and it is with much appreciation we welcome Rosemary Swemmer into the position of SASFA Treasurer. Rosemary is a member of Iona Henning’s class at Harveston Retirement Village in Honeydew

The last word – ‘In a state of appreciation good things will flow to you’

Sending you all lots of love and light and appreciation, Namaste Dot