Earlier this year I sent out a letter to instructors asking for letters about:



Here are replies that I received from our dedicated members. I am sure that many of you can relate you what these ladies have written. Apologies as I have had to edit the letters because of lack of space.

Letters from members in Crown Gardens, Gauteng. They all complimented their instructor Jean de Kock and Jean Burger

Margaret Fritz – I am writing to say a big thank you for helping me with my knee operation which I had last year. I had physio each day for a few days, thereafter I had to do it on my own. Jean our instructor told me to use our bands and do the exercises that she teaches us in class. I am grateful and thankful for SASFA that helped me.

Zelma Hannah – I feel so well, my stamina has increased and I feel stronger. I love the social part as everyone is very friendly. I wish more people would join SASFA and see how they could change their lives.

Lisa Nock –The exercise programme has helped restore both strength and mobility to my legs.

Letters from members in Benmore, Gauteng. They too all complimented their instructor Lily Fisher

Rita Botha says being amongst people and making new friends has been very special and the exercises which she really enjoys have improved her co-ordination.

Joyce Walker, who is 82 says that she feels much better for the exercise, Joyce started when Lily opened the class 5 years ago.

Barbara Smart has come to know some really wonderful people, the classes are fun and everyone enjoys them immensely. Barbara says that the health benefits go without saying and that she misses them on the days she cannot be there.

Peter Cooper thanks Lily for all she does for Carol, keeping her fit and healthy.

Barbara Reid enjoys every class, exercises are different and interesting, she has met lots of people and they have become another family. She feels more co-ordinated, balanced and generally much better and when she sees other women her age who do not exercise she sees the benefits of SASFA

Christine Woessner 82, says when she joined the class she was old and decrepit, with a bad back and low morale. Today she is still old but much improved in body and soul. Joining SASFA was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Frances Hammond says as well as having fun and lots of laughs, she has great benefit from the exercises. After class she can feel how her lungs have opened up, she is more supple and lots of niggling aches and pains and stiffness have gone. Frances is so glad she discovered SASFA – or SASFA discovered her!

Belinda de Beer I joined SASFA with a fair amount of reluctance, feeling that classes would become a twice weekly self-discipline. I was proved wrong of course there is physical benefit, but more than that I have found a group of people who are down to earth, genuine, sincerely caring for each other and sharing so much laughter.

Iris Wilson Regional Rep in KZN says some members have been with them for over 20 years. Connie is 96 and still participates, does the register for 2 classes and collects membership fees, Connie also helps to prepare teas and lunches at the KZN course. Connie says that she keeps going because you cannot kill a weedJ Iris says she is amazing and they are very proud of her.