Hello Everyone, 

Here we are again with another newsletter, how life has changed since the last one! We are now living in a ‘new normal’ world – is it going to be a better place for everyone and everything on Planet Earth post Covid 19? I sincerely hope so. We all have different ‘concerns’, because of individual circumstances, that are affecting our lives at the moment and there is really nothing we can do but look on the ‘bright side’ of life and think positive. I sincerely hope that you are all able to do that. We are all missing our friends in our SASFA class, some of us are coping better than others. It takes a special person to stay motivated all the time, some days we just want to ‘chill’ and do nothing and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t become a ‘habit’ I have often told you when writing past newsletters that I have to wait for inspiration from the Universe for the theme, this time for some reason the theme came to me at the end of 2019. I think it is very ‘apt’ seeing what we are going through as we have lots of time to ‘REMEMBER’. The theme therefore is – 


Do you REMEMBER when? – is a phrase we often use. We are very fortunate that out brain stores many memories that we can REMEMBER from long ago, even though we joke that, the older we get we cannot REMEMBER anything As an Association we were hoping to celebrate SASFA’s 30th Birthday in 2020 with various activities to REMEMBER. That day will come when we can REMEMBER the past 30 years and we will all certainly REMEMBER 2020 We REMEMBER many things as we go through life, special events, births, birthdays. We experience different emotions as we REMEMBER the past. Sometimes we ask to be REMEMBERED to someone, hoping that they will REMEMBER us with affection. Sometimes we do not want to REMEMBER someone or something as it only brings back bad memories and hurt. Sometimes at our age it is hard to REMEMBER to REMEMBER to do something Sometimes we even have to ‘RE – MEMBER’ our bodies, when it feels like we have fallen apart, we have to ‘RE-MEMBER’ our lives too when things go wrong and put it all back together again, which isn’t always easy. We may have friends with Dementia or Alzheimer’s who cannot REMEMBER anything, which is very sad, but we REMEMBER them the way they were, with affection. We are all ‘MEMBERS’ of SASFA, but are finding it hard to REMEMBER the routines we did in class, I hope that it wont be long before we have to REMEMBER to get up early to go to class and Instructors have to REMEMBER the programmes One of the pleasant things of the word REMEMBER is when we can sit and reminisce with our grandchildren and share our lives, hoping that they will REMEMBER and pass it on to their children It is lovely to REMEMBER old school and childhood friends. Looking through old photos brings back many happy memories that we REMEMBER. There are many groups on social media that one can join, these can bring back lots of happy memories from the past and help you REMEMBER. I have found that during lockdown I have made contact with many friends from the past so I have been able to REMEMBER many happy moments in my life. So, take time to REMEMBER, sit and contemplate what life has given you, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but we can all REMEMBER the happy times that give us a feeling of warmth. Taking time out to REMEMBER is good for the soul, it helps us connect. We should also REMEMBER to look to the future with a positive attitude, knowing that – to use the ‘cliché’ – 


 REMEMBER to visit the SASFA Facebook page, where you will find a new posting every day. 

Also REMEMBER to visit the SASFA website which has been revamped. www.saseniorsfitness.co.za 

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY SASFA, how many of you REMEMBER these events from 30 years ago? 

Founder of SASFA, the late Cherry Wasserfall. Cherry and Iona Henning started SASFA in 1990. Cherry as Chairperson and Iona, Trainer. Iona is now SASFA Chairperson and National Trainer.
SASFA Festival Springs 1990
Umhlanga Rocks Hotel 1990
Peggy, Ann, Cherry and Iona
Umhlanga, 1990 Sandcastle competition
Iona and Cherry Springs 1990
Committee celebrating SASFA’s 30th birthday January 2020
A much younger Committee in 2010 celebrating the FIFA World Cup in SA. Something we REMEMBER with pride

I cannot help thinking as I come to the end of this newsletter, how many of our Members must be lonely and depressed during this lockdown period, missing friends and family. Covid will pass and eventually be something we will REMEMBER, albeit not a happy memory. 2020 is a ‘pause’ year, we feel that our lives are on ‘hold’. Some of us are coping well, but please REMEMBER those you know who will be struggling, it just takes a message or phone call. I know Instructors are in touch with their Seniors through WhatsApp groups etc, and I hope that they will REMEMBER to email this Newsletter to you all. We have lost Instructors and Members during 2020 but their ‘spirits will always shine bright’ as we REMEMBER them with much love and affection. REMEMBER to stay safe everyone.

The last word – Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud (Maya Angelou) 

REMEMBERING you ALL and sending lots of love and light. Namaste Dot